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Warehouse Management

  • • Auto suggesting the zones based on the commodity unloaded in the bay.
  • • Order Received and POD Management upon arrival of cargo in the warehouse.
  • • Pre-defined customer rates for invoice generation.
  • • Alerts on warehouse demurrage expiry and calculations.
  • • Invoice settlements against multiple invoices as full or partial payments.
  • • Preparing the next day’s work planning. Workers are required based on the loads etc.
  • • Paperless invoices with historical data backup with Warehouse Management System
  • • Indoor air quality and environment monitoring inside the warehouse.
  • • Customer visibility on their warehoused inventory & space booking along with consignment booking.
  • • Zone compatibility suggestions like Hazardous cargo need to keep in separately.
  • • Track the cargo movement and storage time in each zone.
  • • Tracking warehouse inventory and equipment activity in each storage zone.