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Fleet Management

Reduce Cost, Spread Fleet & Logistics, Improve Vehicle Security

Our aim is to build a digital platform to help the fleet make smart resolutions in a cost-effective and secure way

Get a real time view of your fleet’s daily operations, thereby reducing cost, increasing efficiency.


Fuel Management
You can define fuel consumption for a route with respect of vehicle model. Diesel expense is vital part of transport industry can be supervise by freezing quantity on route define.
Vehicle Tracking System
By integrated with GPS vehicle tracking system in your ERP, track real time vehicle status, vehicle history, driver behavior reports.
Workshop Maintenance
Powerful and impressive maintenance servicing system capture each and every aspect of serving requirement from vehicle inspection, and completion of work.
Document Management
Maintain details of every vehicle like insurance, permits, pollution, taxation in system. Get the alerts and notifications before due date. Once we capturing details account posting will automatic done.
Service Schedule/ Preventive Maintenance
Maintain your own preventive maintenance variable, these variable depends upon vehicle model, time period and distance covered by the vehicle. The system provides alerts and notification when any one of maintenance is pending or expire.
Vehicle Management
Powerful vehicle master with almost all the details like (depreciation, hire vehicle owner details, chassis no., engine no. etc.) Should be captured before starting transaction part. Vehicle brand & model, number of tyres/wheels, manufacturing details, linking with GPS tracking, FASTag, Petro Card needed to be present in master section.
Driver Management
Driver management in fleet system able of capturing all the driver’s details ( Aadhar no., License no., driver photo, family details. No need to create driver in every branch, can assign driver to multiple branch. Once driver details will approve, after that we can assign vehicle to driver. Attendance of driver and salary of each driver will calculate through trip settlement.
Trip Advances Settlement
Paying at beginning of each trip, apart from cash mode, like Happay card, FASTag card, and Petro card are providing in trip log system. After completion of trip process is quiet simple and created by selection vehicle no. The system will automatically captures advances, diesel expense, toll tax, GR no. etc. and adjust them in trip. All the transactions and balances are automatically fetched from fleet system